Firstly if you are reading this then you have an interest in these speakers just like me, and hopefully you have found some knowledge here, so thank you for spending time here. So why this site?

I am passionate about listening to great music and movies through quality engineered equipment (from the age of 16 I trained as an electronics engineer and so was given busted top-end hifi equipment that I repaired and enjoyed the magic of great music on quality hifi kit) and so the reason this site was created is a simple one:

I lost my hi-fi to an ill-fated relationship and so I needed to pull together a replacement on a small budget. A pair of second hand DM600i’s came up for about £150 in about 2013 and as I’d only heard about B&W through What HiFi magazine, I thought I’d give them a go. Quite simply they blew me away: the detail, the weight and punch.

I then moved to a pair of DM602 S2’s which I thought were a bit more modern looking and sounded great as part of a 5.1 av setup. However, what got me really involved in this range was the fact that the DM602’s has busted tweeters (the coil and diaphragm were damages) yet they still sounded great!

This set me on this journey to help and understand the beauty and craftsmanship of these respected speakers.

Please enjoy the site and feel free to contribute to their future and their legacy.