B&W DM600 S3 Loudspeakers

The B&W DM600 S3 Loudspeakers

The Bowers & Wilkins DM600 S3 is a small speaker designed for mounting directly on-wall, but stand or shelf mounting is also possible. Its primary use is as an unobtrusive surround speaker, but it may be used in other applications where small size is important.

The performance of the 120mm (5-in) Kevlar® cone bass / midrange driver and tube-loaded metal dome tweeter belie the speaker’s diminutive size.

The Bowers and Wilkins DM600 S3 comes complete with a simple wall mounting bracket that spaces it sufficiently from the wall for cable access and to allow the rear-firing Flowport to operate effectively.

The front face of the cabin was originally available in grey and then in the more stylish black.

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The B&W 600 Users Manual