B&W DM601 Loudspeakers

The B&W DM601 S1 Loudspeaker

The Bowers And Wilkins DM601 loudspeaker is the smallest in the 600 Series although it can still produce a big sound. It has a 165 mm (6.5 in) Kevlar® bass/mid-range driver that employs the same profile as B&W’s more sophisticated P Series ensuring delivery of a natural, neutral sound with very low coloration. As well as the 600 Series standard features the DM 601 also boasts flared reflex ports which dramatically increase bass efficiency and power handling. Added to this is rounded-profile zinc clamping rings which connect the drivers to the cabinet and minimise the effectof diffraction around the drive unit as sound waves travel out across the face of the speaker cabinet.

The DM 601 is recommended for shelf or stand mounted applications and is ideally suited to both front and rear channel speakers in a Home Cinema system.

B&W DM601 Information Sheet

B&W DM601 Users Manual