B&W DM603 Loudspeakers

The B&W DM603 S1 Loudspeakers

The Bowers and Wilkins DM603 loudspeaker review from Audioreview.com explains the strengths of these speakers:

Now that I’ve had my speakers for over a month, I can finally send in my review. For the money, they are excellent, providing a wonderfully detailed and balanced sound. For comparison, I checked out the following: Paradigm Monitor and Reference (Reference is excellent, but Monitor is awful); KEF Q Series (okay, but not enough detail); and Polk RT (worth listening to, especially since it’s cheaper).
After a month’s worth of listening, my initial impressions are reinforced. The 603 doesn’t have the best high range, mid, or bass in its price range. I bought it b/c it has excellent overall balance. It sounds musical with good sound stage. The highs are detailed, but not etched. The midrange is easy to listen to and the bass is nice and tight. Overall, a great choice.

The B&W DM603 Marketing Flyer

The B&W DM603 Users Manual