B&W DM604 Loudspeakers

The B&W DM604 S1 Loudspeakers

The Bowers and Wilkins DM604 loudspeaker information is a bit thin on the ground in the UK however, below is a US review from Audioreview.com:

I was searching for a good set of speaker to be part of my home theater system. What I received was a great set of speakers. I shoped for about 6 months listening to the same CD’s and DVD’s on over a dozen different speakers. I needed a speakers that would reproduce audio to my satisfaction as well as excel in home theater. I kept coming back to the B&W DM 604’s. For the price, I was unable to beat them. My specific price range was $800 – $2000 for front loudspeakers. I listend to PSB, Theil, Definitive Technology, Infinity, Klipsch, MB Quart, Martin Logan, DCM’s, Mirage, and Paradigm’s. Of all of these speakers I liked the PSB Century series and Definitive’s BP-2002. The B&W’s were very smooth. The tweeters were crisp and percise and didn’t fatigue me as some of the other had done. The midrange and mid base were very responsive and tight while the bass response was accurate. There wasn’t any BOOM like the BP-2002. I was so impressed that I purchased the 603’s as surrounds!

The dealer I was working with was working hard to show the difference of a good set of speaker with quality equipment. The 604’s were hooked up to a Krell amp and played my music. They sounded incredible. Then on the flip side he hooked them up to a Pioneer receiver. You can guess what happened. They sounded pretty damn good but not nearly to the extent of the Krell. When I did this test to other speakers, they just didn’t sound quite like the B&W’s did.
For only $1600 a pair, they were definitely work every cent.

The B&W DM604 Marketing Flyer

The B&W DM604 Users Manual