B&W DM610i Loudspeakers

The B&W DM610i Loudspeakers

The Bowers and Wilkins DM610i loudspeakers were designed with the more demanding digital sources of the nineties in mind, the 600 series has earned a reputation for minimal coloration and musical accuracy in audio reproduction. Successfully capturing the transients found in music meant developing a loudspeaker able to do justice to the attack of the original audio signal.

Designed by a master of industrial design Dr Kenneth Grange, the cool, dark lines of the 600 series cabinet are perfect partner for contemporary furniture and interior design settings.

  • Recipient of all the refinements found in the DM600, the 610 is a shelf or stand-mounted monitor digital sources. Helping it to do this, the magnetic-fluid cooled tweeter can handle high power levels and deliver true pistonic motion to beyond 20kHz ceiling of audibility.
  • The 8in bass/mid driver has a low-hysteresis rubber surround with a high temperature voice coil enabling superb transient attack without the usual coloration at high input levels, The result is outstanding bass performance.

The B&W DM610i Marketing Flyer

The B&W DM610i Users Guide