B&W DM620 Loudspeaker

The B&W DM620 Loudspeakers

The Bowers and Wilkins DM620 loudspeaker were designed with the more demanding digital sources of the nineties in mind, the 600 series has earned a reputation for minimal coloration and musical accuracy in audio reproduction. Successfully capturing the transients found in music meant developing a loudspeaker able to do justice to the attack of the original audio signal.

Designed by a master of industrial design Dr Kenneth Grange, the cool, dark lines of the

600 series cabinet are perfect partner for contemporary furniture and interior design settings.

  • The bass units have been upgraded with a new cone and surround assembly, injection

    moulded with revised materials and geometry. The surround is now moulded directly onto the cone, forming a welded joint, which is more consistent and far more secure than its glued equivalent.

  • The response of the improved bass units is significantly smoother and requires less correction by the crossover network. The number of components has been reduced accordingly, which helps lessen the degradation of the signal.

A Gramaphone review from September 1991.

The B&W DM620 Marketing Flyer

The B&W DM620 Users Manual